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This division does business in supply of Electrical/Power Panels like Power Control Centers / Motor Control Centers / APFC - Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels / /Control Desk And Mimic Panels / Lighting Boards/ Power Distribution Boards . Also , Instrument Panel/Process Control Panels : Instrument Panel ( Process Control Equipment) / Desk Type Panel with Mimic, Touch Screen, MMI, SCADA System / AC/DC Drive Panel / PLC System / Fire Control Panel.


Apart from providing voltage stabilization, our servo voltage stabilizers also offer energy conservation possibilities by optimizing voltage supply to equipments.
Mare then 99 % Efficiency
5 Year Un Conditional Guarantee
100 % Duty cycle.
Industrial type design.
Vertical Coil with carbon roller Technology.
A regular voltage supply also ensures long motor life.
Saves Electricity up to 20 %.
HT type with built in Transformer.


Tappings from + 5% to - 5% in steps of 2.5% for HV variation or as per customer's requirement. ON LOAD TAP CHANGER 16 steps OLTC for HV variation from + 5% to steps of 1.25% or as per specific requirements. OLTC for remote/auto/parallel operation can also be offered

Oil :

Oil is tested for resistively, dielectric and acidic characteristic conforming to IS - 335. Before topping up oil is filtered thoroughly.

Tanks :

The tanks are made of M.S. steel plates / sheets with adequate bracing & stiffness. Tanks are pressure tested to withstand any type of inside or outside pressure. All the external surfaces are given a primary coat of zinc chromate, red oxide and two finishing coats of grey paint. The inner surfaces are given a coat of heat and oil resisting paint.

Quality Control and Routine Tests :

All transformers undergo rigorousquality control checks and are routine tested as per IS in our fully equipped laboratory. Any specific test required by the customer can also be arranged

Standard fittings:

  • Rating and diagram plate.
  • Earthling terminals - 2 Nos.
  • Lifting lugs
  • Oil level indicator (Plain)
  • Drain-cum bottom filter valve with plug.
  • Oil filling hole with plug on conservator.
  • Oil conservator with drain plug.
  • Air release plug.
  • Silicagel air breather.
  • Bi-directional flaHV terminals-outdoor bushings.
  • LV terminals-outdoor bushings.
  • Radiators.
  • Filter valve with plug.
  • Thermometer pocket.
  • Oil temperature indicator.
  • Externally operated off
  • circuit tap changing switch.
  • Explosion vent.
  • Sampling valve (for 2000 KVA and above transformers only)


    As an electrical high voltage contractor we are able to offer a complete package of services, from design stage to supply and commissioning of equipment, cabling installations andsystems up to 33,000 volts. We offer quality, reliability, and versatility backed by an efficient and cost conscious service to both industry and commerce. With an extremely experienced and diverse compliment of professionally trained and qualified staff, we have the capability to handle all of your electrical requirements and cabling installations regardless of size.

    • Power Cables Instrument cables
    • Flame Proof Cables / Fire Resistant Cables.
    • Single Core / Multi-core cables
    • Network Cabling Solutions
  • Standard:

    Our transformers are designed and tested as per IS : 2026, BS 171, IEC - 76 & IEC - 726.

    Vector Group:

    Our transformers will be connected as per vector group reference Dyn 11. Other vector groups can be offered as per specific requirements

    Terminal Arrangement:

    H. V - Bushings or Cable Box. Disconnecting

    Temperature Rise

    Our transformers are designed for a maximum temperature rise of 40/50 degree C of oil/winding. Lower temperature rise can request.


    The core is constructed from low loss, cold rolled, grain oriented, annealed lamination of electrical sheet steel conforming to the latest international standards. Special frame is built-in-house for clamping the core to well as making the whole structure rigid and robust.


    Pre-compressed board PARMALI Board and JAPANEESE insulatio paper of best quality is used


    Coils are wound with electrolyte high conductivity paper copper conductors. Cooling ducts are provided to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible. Coils are dried in electric ovens. Rigid connection support and coil clamping is provided to ensure high shot circuit strength.


  • UPS Systems /Custom Built Industrial UPS / UPSAccessories
  • Hot Standby configurationBattery chargersSpecial Power SolutionStatic Transfer SwitchActive Harmonic Filter
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Online UPS-Inverter


  • GeneratorsCapacitors
  • Surge Arresters /Surge Protection Devices Lightning Protection SystemsElectric MotorsSwitchgear Panels
  • Air Circuit Breaker / Vacuum Circuit Breaker /SF6 CircuitBreaker
  • Outdoor Switchgear /Indoor SwitchgearChange Over switch


  • Wireless IP cameraPlug and Play camera Mobile View , Remote view systemDome type camera.
  • Hard disk compatible system record for months.
  • Intruder alarm ,wired & wireless alarm systemSmart Home SystemAccess control systemApartment door system
  • Finger print based door lock system.

    Accessories on request:

    LV and HV cable boxes.
    Winding temperature
    Buchholz relay.
    Marshalling box.
    Disconnecting chamber.
    Oil temperature indicator with electrical contacts.
    Pressure relief valve

    Power & Industrial infrastructure projects

    We are a company dealing into Electrical and Mechanical Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning projects for industrial, commercial and power infrastructure . Our diversified resources enhance and complement our mission to provide value and outstanding service to our clie We provide following services using our diversified resources

    • Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning services for Industrial and power infrastructure projects
    • Consultancy services
    • Manpower supply
    • Transmission and Distribution projects
    • Project and construction management

    We are committed to provide most intelligent solutions in the field of Design, Engineering, Supply and Installation for Power Generation, Substations, Transmission Line, Industrial and Building Applications.
    We believe in Outstanding Quality and Transparent Business dealings. We are using latest technologies and best methodology. In addition to offering broad range of products, the company undertakes turnkey projects from concept to completion.